Some Postseason Thoughts – A First Take

Another season in the books for RPI already – where did the time go?! I feel like I’ve been remiss this year in my blogging, posting too rarely and missing some significant moments in RPI’s season. Mea culpa – I’ve had some health issues and some family occasions that distracted me, and I apologize. I have been at nearly all the games cheering the boys on, but I just didn’t find time to write about it often.

And now it’s over, another senior class has finished their time in cherry and white, and we’re facing the long off-season. Many will start the speculating on what next year’s team has to offer almost immediately, but I prefer to leave that for later and enjoy looking back on the season just finished for a while yet – at least until after the end-of-year hockey banquet!

There were some low points, as always. Certainly being blown out by Harvard in what turned out to be the final game of the season was one, even if it was understandable in light of Jason Kasdorf’s injury and Cam Hackett’s lack of recent playing time. Games like that can be painful to watch, but for what it’s worth it looked like the Engineers never stopped fighting in that one. Losing the Freakout against Clarkson and losing the game at Colgate that could easily have made the difference between a first-round bye and a middle-eight finish were two other lows.

But this season had more than its share of high points too, including some that weren’t reflected on the scoreboard. Finally winning a playoff series at home after a long drought was certainly one of them, as was sweeping Union in the regular season games and the Mayor’s Cup. For me it was a particular pleasure to see the blossoming of several players who were able to up their contribution dramatically this year, including junior Riley Bourbonnais (who doubled his points contribution from last season) and sophomore Kenny Gillespie (who tripled his!), and on defense senior Phil Hampton (who after logging just one assist last year chipped in three goals and seven assists this season) and junior Parker Reno (who went from a +/- of -14 last year to a +12 this season). There were many others who stepped up as well and the team as a whole showed plenty of fight and plenty of heart in all their games.

I’ll have more on the season later. For now, congratulations to Jason Kasdorf on signing a professional contract with the Buffalo Sabres yesterday!

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