Better Pricing for Upcoming Ivy League Games!

RPI’s game at Quinnipiac this Friday will have video available online free of charge, just as Arizona State did last week and just as RPI does, of course, for all of its home games.

The Ivy League schools, however, are apparently more cash-strapped than most schools (!) and still feel the need to charge to watch their home games. Viewing a single game costs $9.95 each time.

By a fortunate quirk of scheduling, though, RPI’s next four games after Quinnipiac are all against Ivies – Princeton, Yale, Brown and Harvard – and all within a 30-day span. This makes it possible for RPI fans to get a great deal by purchasing an Ivy League Monthly Pass that will allow them to watch all four games for a total of $15.95, or $4 each.

Purchase your monthly pass here to watch the Princeton game on Saturday, December 3, the Yale game on Friday, December 9, the Brown game on December 10, and the Harvard game on December 30th.

Just don’t forget to cancel your monthly subscription after the last game, or else the penny-pinching Ivy League will renew it automatically and charge you another $15.95!


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2 Responses to Better Pricing for Upcoming Ivy League Games!

  1. Dave says:

    Someone has to bring up the big elephant in the room.
    I’m completely bewildered by the action this season.
    How does a team turn potential victories into losses?
    How do you end up losing a game where you’re out in front 4 to 1?
    What the heck is going on?

  2. Charlene says:

    Wish I knew. They seem to be struggling with every aspect of the game, from offense to defense to goaltending to special teams.

    Here’s hoping 2017 will bring them a better second half. It would hard to be worse than the first half of the season!

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